Small Business Entrepreneurship Classes and Workshops

​​Don't want to go through the college hustle and bustle for Small Business information?
Tired of chasing small business seminars and workshops that don't give you the information you need?
Have an idea and want to know more about starting a small business?
Do you have a business but need resources  to grow and effectively manage your business?
Want to learn how to do everything yourself in regards to  marketing and operating your business?
Want relevant small business information from successful small business owners?

If you answered yes, we have the classes and workshops  you need to help you succeed! 

"Be About Your Business" Small Business Seminars
Free Seminars
Be About Your Business small business seminars  was first implemented at Los Angeles Trade Tech College by Small Business Entrepreneurship Professor Artina McIntosh. Although she taught small business courses, she wanted to offer real-life practical small business information to those business owners who could not take her classes, or for the entrepreneur who did not want to go to college but desperately needed the information to start or grow their small business. Professor McIntosh "Be About Your Business" quickly grew in popularity, in fact it became so popular and well known that the Los Angeles Verterans Affairs adopted her "Be About Your Business"  seminars  as a mandatory element of their Small Business Program for Veterans. People came from San Francisco, San Diego and all over the State of California to attend Professor McIntosh's  "Be About Your Business" seminars.
Professor McIntosh is also the founder of "Empowering Success Now" and will now be offering " Be About Your Business" small business seminars  at her Fontana facility with the same concept of providing down to earth, real-life practical small business information. All of her students and clients always say  they prefer how she delivers the information and how much they learn from her versus other small business workshops and seminars.
"Be About Your Business"  Seminars
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" Small Business Depot" Workshops
Learn How to Do It Yourself
Small Business Workshops

1&2 Day Workshops

These workshops give the latest tips/tricks and get into the nitty-gritty of small business. These workshops are designed to cover topics that are most relevant to current and future small business owners. These workshops walk you through the step by step process for those small business owners who are tired of the runaround, getting taken advantage of, not getting what they want or how they want it and who would like to save money and do things themselves. These workshops are hosted by professionals who are experts in their field and can teach you exactly what to do to succeed. If you attend these workshops, you will get to interact with the presenter 1on1 and get answers to questions that pertain to your individual situation. However, if you are not able to attend, these workshops will be made available on-line to view at your convenience. The workshops cover the topics below.
Essentials of Entrepreneurship
Non - Profit Formation
How to File Business Taxes
Creating Business Cards, Flyers, Etc.
Building Business Credit
Fixing Personal Credit
Incorporating Your Business
Social Media Marketing
Quick Books
Business Plans
Website Development
How to Create Videos

Small Business Entrepreneurship Certificate Program

4-6 week Classes

We are proud to announce that "Inland Empire Institute of Business and Technology" a division of "Empowering Success Now" has been granted by the State of California Bureau for Private Postsecondary Education to confer Business Management and Small Business Management Certificates. Our Small Business Entrepreneurship Certificate is a college based curriculum that is taught on a collegiate academic level. Unlike the workshops and seminars, this certificate program covers more in- depth information, academic concepts and theories. In addition, upon completion of the program a certificate will be conferred that recognizes the students' academic achievement and can also be utilized for career advancement. 
Our program prepares students to understand the process of developing, launching and managing a small business. Through academic coursework and experiential learning students will leave prepared to pursue the entrepreneurial lifestyle and be ready to maximize their entrepreneurial potential. Students who complete the program will be proficient in the process and procedures needed to transform an initial entrepreneurial idea into a viable business operation.
The program consist of the following classes:

Small Business Management
Business Law
Principles of Marketing
Principles of Selling
Essentials of Advertising
Small Business Accounting
Business Math/Business Finance
Essentials of Customer Service
  1. Coming Soon
    Don’t chase another small business seminar. Learn all you need to know from small business professors and industry experts. Get your questions ready to receive personal advice about your business or business idea.
    Most Small Business Seminars give some good information but at the end they try to sell you their products or program. Not "Empowering Success Now" We are non-profit organization whose mission is to Motivate, Educate and Empower sustainable success for our community. Knowledge is power especially in today’s world of small business ownership. Join us as we provide the necessary information to start, grow and fund your small business!
  2. Coming Soon
    Essentials of Entrepreneurship - Visions into Reality
    This 4 hour class will meet once a week for two hours for 2 weeks. Classes will not begin until there are 5 registered students. This is a paid class. Call Artina at 844-883-3822 ext 700 for more information.
    This class is designed for someone with an entrepreneurial idea or new small business owner. The class will provide participants in depth information about small business management and will answer the questions: What is a feasibility study and how to conduct one; are business plans necessary; what are legal forms of business and which one is right for your business; how to define a target market, how to protect your personal assets and more.
  3. Coming Soon
    Business Planning - Business Plans vs. Action Plans
    This class will meet once a week for 2 hours a week for one month. Classes will not begin until there are 5 registered students. This is a paid class. Call Artina at 844-883-3822 ext 700 for more information.
    Participants will identify all topics and information needed for an effective business plan. Participants will conduct an industry analysis, develop an operations plan, define their target markets, prepare financial statements and estimate their startup cost in addition to their monthly operating expenses. Participants will also have the opportunity to work one on one with our small business specialist to create a dynamic money-making business plan.