Motivate, Educate, Empower

Pathways To Success For 10, 11, 12 Graders
These workshops are designed to assist in the preparation and transition of students from high school into their academic and professional careers.
Core 1: Visualizing the Dream
Goal Setting
Finding one's true passion
Visualizing the future letting go of the past
Identifying decision making strategies
Exploring strategies for handling stress of college and career transition
1 to 1 consultation with students to construct a SWOT analysis in relation to their assessment results
Real Estate Field Trip
Core 2: Exploration of Success Pathways
We will explore, discuss and analyze the 4 Success Pathways of College, Entrepreneurship, Employment or Armed forces. Some of these workshops will be taught by industry experts and will include seasoned professional guest speakers.
I.College Success Pathway:  Material covered will include:
The importance of college planning
The importance of the SAT and ACT preparation
Completing college courses while in high school
The elements of choosing the right college
The dynamics of applying for college (application deadlines, application fees,  application essay,  college interview and financial aid)
Comparing and contrasting community colleges, four-year colleges, online colleges, public college, private colleges, trade colleges out-of-state colleges and discussing the pros and cons of each.
Significance of meeting with a college counselor and completing an educational plan before graduation.
II.Small Business Entrepreneurship Pathway: Topics covered will include
Characteristics of an entrepreneur
Pros and cons of entrepreneurship
Exploration of Small Business career options.
The importance of a feasibility analysis
Estimation of start-up cost and budgeting
Small Business banking and funding
The importance of personal and business credit
Small Business Administration (SBA)
The controversy of business plans
Market segmentation and target markets
Discussion of the legal forms of business (Sole proprietorship, Partnership, Corporation).
The essential elements of developing a strong marketing mix (product, price, place, promotion)
Networking to increase credibility, visibility and sales
III.Employment Pathway: Topics covered will include
Options for establishing employment
Resume and interview techniques
Job retention techniques
The significance of volunteering and internships
Discussion of professional and trade industries and salaries
The prominence of demonstrating professional etiquette
IV.Military Pathway
Compare the different branches of the military and evaluate the pros/cons of each.
Life after Military benefits (
Housing, Medical, Tuition Reimbursements)
Classify which military skills are transferable back to civilian life.
Core 3: Financial Literacy - Students will be required to participate in a computer simulation game that will involve the student making real life decisions that will affect the outcome of the game.
Discussion of personal finance
The importance of building and maintaining credit
The criteria for opening bank accounts
Investment tools such as stocks, bonds, CD’s
The qualifications of obtaining bank loans, student loans and credit cards
Core 4: Goal Plan
Students will complete an Academic and/or Career Plan