Legal  Workshops

Helping You Defend Yourself
Legal Information Workshops
These workshops will provide general information on how to pursue a legal matter towards a favorable resolution for you. Information on how to find and complete requsite documents for filing a case on your behalf will also be provided, including information on possible cost that may be associated with your lawsuit.  This information will pertain to your rights as  a plaintiff initiating a law suit or as a defendant responding to a law suit.                                                                      Topic areas include:
  1. Family Law
    Divorce Child Custody Father Rights Adoption
  2. Business Contracts
    Licensing DBA's Service Contracts Statuate of Frauds Business Organizations
  3. Property Law
    Land Lord Tenant Transfer of Property
  4. Document Preparation
    Petition for Dissolution of Marriage Petition for Paternity Formation of Contracts Employee Forms Insurance Forms Service of Documents
  5. Document Creation
    Customer Intake Forms Data Management Forms Articles of Incorporation Articles of Partnership Incorporation Bylaws Employee Handbook
  6. Expungment Workshops
    Procedure Application Documents Needed Information for Filing Where to File How to File